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                    Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to IJLERA! International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications

Q1. How can we submit our paper?
Ans: Author can submit paper through following link:

Q2. When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission ?
Ans: Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 Hours.

Q3. How long do reviews usually take ?
Ans: Minimum time for review of any article is 03-04 days.

Q4. What is IJLERA Journal paper format?
Ans: Author can download IJLERA Journal paper format through following link:

Q5. Is there a maximum limit for number of authors?
Ans: Maximum number of author may be upto 4.

Q6. Is there any page limit for paper?
Ans: Maximum page may be upto15.

Q7. When we have to pay publication fees?
Ans: You have to pay publication charges after the acceptance of paper

Q8. What are the publication charges?
Ans: For publication charges, please go through following link:

Q9. How can we check our published paper?
Ans: We will mail you the link of your paper after the publication.

Q10. Whether we will get hard copy of certificate or not?
Ans: IJLERA provide digitally signed e-certificate to all authors of paper after the publication of paper.

Q11. Whether we will get hard copy of Journal or not?
Ans: IJLERA provides hard copy of Journal based on the demand..

Q12. What is review type of IJLERA?
Ans: IJLERA follow blind peer review process for selecting only best quality papers. It accepts only 20-25 % quality papers.

Q13. IJLERA are online Journal or Print Journal?
Ans: IJLERA publishs all papers only online.